About Me

  I’m a Chicago based artist, art therapist, and licensed professional counselor. I grew up like most children, learning to color in the lines to drawing stick figures. Art that would that eventually end tapped to the refrigerator for all to see.  As I got older, I continued to create art whenever there were art materials around. During my second year of high school with the encouragement of my art teacher I to After-School Matters, which was previously named Gallery 37 Chicago l. As an apprentice artist, I had the opportunity to meet other artists around the city, learn new skills such as watercolor painting, bookbinding, and papermaking, I’m a multimedia artist and I primarily use acrylic, pen/ink, and watercolor.

I received my Bachelor of Art with a focus in graphic design from Columbia College Chicago. I received my Masters in Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

My current art practice is heavily informed by my experiences as a Black Woman, survivor, and art therapist. Using art as a way to examine the complex intersections of art and mental health, primarily in communities of color.   

As an art therapist, I‘ve had the opportunity to work with children and families in different settings around the Chicagoland area. Building community and strengthening connections through art and visual storytelling invites people to re-imagine new possibilities. Often exploring themes of collective healing, representation, and self-acceptance.